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"Dr. Fritz and his staff are AMAZING.  They are GOOD people doing life changing work.  We had a wonderful experience going thru Oral Immunotherapy for nut allergies.  My 12 yr old son is doing great because of their help. I didn't think he would ever be able to eat nuts and trying to avoid all nuts can be challenging.  Dr. Fritz & his staff are super to work with.  They really care.  I consider them angels on earth because they actually helped us....more than just managing symptoms.  I highly recommend Dr. Fritz and OIT.   He is one of a kind."

"Excellent, highly recommended to anyone."

"Dr. Fritz and his nurses provided one of my best experiences at a doctor's office yet! I really liked Dr. Fritz's sense of humor. He made me feel like I was visiting family when I was really nervous because I'm afraid of needles. He's made a big difference in how I feel during the spring and summer when I'm outdoors. You rock Dr. Fritz!"

"I had a good experience from the moment I talked to the nice and friendly office receptionist, who had the paperwork I needed to fill out a day before my appointment. The Registered Nurse was caring, knowledgeable and thorough, Dr. Fritz was very professional, friendly, approachable, cool and a great listener who took the time to answer all my questions and even ordered the labs I requested. Thank you all for such a nice and stress free experience."

"I'm sending everyone I know to Dr. Fritz. He and his staff are incredible! They helped my husband with his asthma. My son can now eat nuts safely without having anaphylaxis and my sneezing and stuffy nose is completely gone. He will always be my family's go to allergist!"

"Very intelligent physician. Much better than other physicians in my area."

"Very professional office staff & Dr. Very happy with this care provider."


"I have been with Dr. Fritz for about five years and they are the best of the best. I have struggled my whole life with severe allergies & asthma (the worst case most doctors have seen). Through this clinic I have become able to to be around cute dogs, ridden my first horse & successfully gotten off of my inhaled steroids that I have depended on for years. I have also managed to desensitize myself to peanuts, which has been a life-long deadly allergy for me. Nothing but five stars for this amazing clinic. They are my second family, and I love everyone on the staff."

"Best Allergist in Portland! You gotta go see Dr. Fritz"

"I began seeing Dr. Fritz in March of 2016. I had a severe ear nose throat infection that would not clear up. Dr. Fritz examined me, did some testing, and we had lots of conversation. He was able to determine that I had vasomotor rhinitis and asthma. With medications and follow up visits Dr. Fritz was able to help me get everything under control. Because I’m managing my symptoms well, I haven’t had to see him in about 2 years, for that I am truly grateful, but I do miss everyone. Dr. Fritz has a wonderful chair side manner, he takes his time with each patient and he has a kind and caring staff. I highly recommend Dr. Fritz."

"I had to wait 6 weeks to get in because of my insurance but it was worth it. Dr. Fritz's staff were very friendly. Dr. Fritz made my hives go away after I had been to the ER 10 times with no improvement."

"I tried going to other allergists in my community but Dr. Fritz was the only one who was able to help improve my allergy symptoms"

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