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Nasal Polyps

Do you have a cold that never seems to go away? You may have nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages or sinuses. They can block your nasal passages or lead to breathing problems, lack of sense of smell and frequent sinus infections. Common symptoms are similar to a cold including runny nose, stuffiness, and facial pain or headache. If any of these symptoms last more than ten days, the cause could be due to nasal polyps.


Allergies and asthma are common triggers for nasal polyps, and 65-75 percent of all asthmatic adults also have at least one allergy. Dr. Stephen Fritz, a board-certified allergy and immunology physician at Portland Allergy and Asthma, has over fifteen years of experience successfully treating nasal polyps without surgery. Allergy shots, or immunotherapy, alleviate symptoms of environmental allergies, including pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, and stinging insects.


Aspirin sensitivity, or allergy, is also associated with increased risk of nasal polyps. Dr. Fritz performs aspirin desensitization, providing relief from aspirin allergy in 3-5 days. Aspirin treatment, in patients with aspirin sensitivity, nasal polyps, and asthma has been demonstrated in clinical studies to improve asthma and slow the growth of nasal polyps.


FDA approved biologic treatments, such as Dupixent, are also effective in providing relief for nasal polyps, as well as asthma, eczema, and chronic sinusitis, a long-lasting sinus inflammation and infection.


For nasal polyp relief without surgery, contact Portland Allergy and Asthma at our Happy Valley location (971/358-5600) or our Gresham office (971/358-5800).

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