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Hives affect about twenty percent of people and usually start as a red, raised rash that itches,
stings, or hurts. Hives are often triggered by an allergic reaction to medication, food, or an
irritant in the environment. Since hives are most often produced by your immune system, they
are not contagious. Although hives are common, their cause and timing are often elusive. Hives
have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one area and
reappearing on other parts of the body or face, often in a matter of hours. An outbreak of hives
usually lasts no longer than 24 hours, possibly occurring first thing in the morning, disappearing
by noon, then returning in full force later in the same day.

At Portland Allergy and Asthma, we will determine and treat the cause of your hives as well as
providing relief for the symptoms. Even if your hives are not occurring at the time of your
appointment, the diagnosis can be established based upon your description of symptoms and
testing. If your hives last more than a month, reoccur over time, or cause discomfort, Dr.
Stephen Fritz can help. He is a board-certified allergist who is expert in the treatment and
management of hives. Contact Portland Allergy and Asthma at 971/358-5800 (Gresham) or
971/358-5600 (Happy Valley), or visit our website at

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