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Food Allergy Testing & Treatment

For people with food allergies, a tiny amount of an allergic ingredient could cause a life-threatening reaction. Our goal is to eliminate that danger, which can be accomplished with food desensitization, also known as oral immunotherapy (OIT).


Portland Allergy & Asthma offers food desensitization for those who struggle with food allergy symptoms, such as peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, soy and wheat allergies. This treatment involves feeding patients very small, incremental amounts of the food proteins to which they are allergic to, individually customized for each patient, and performed under physician supervision. The goal and typical outcome is that the food allergy to which the patient is subject to no longer presents as a danger.


Portland Asthma & Allergy is one of three allergy clinics in Oregon to provide food desensitization. Dr. Fritz has been providing this therapy for over ten years and has successfully desensitized more than ninety-five percent of his patients to the food which they are allergic to. Dr. Fritz has conducted research studies for food allergy and has the distinction of being published in “The New England Journal of Medicine” for his research in peanut desensitization as well as having authored a book chapter on food allergy used worldwide to teach allergy physicians about food allergies.


If you suffer from food allergies, please call us at 971/358-5600 and see for yourself why Dr. Fritz’s patients consider him to be the best allergist in Portland.

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